Step 1 - Ground

Grounding is the process of gathering your energy from wherever you might have left it scattered, getting it back inside your body and once there, sending it deep down towards the centre of the earth. Just like a plant, you grow your roots and send them deep into the ground.

As you get your energy inside your body you will find out that you have more weight. Not physically but energetically. You will become more visible in the eyes of others. You will feel more anchored, more sure about what you want, what you say and what you choose to do. You will also find that doing things becomes easier. While before you needed to deploy a lot more energy to get things done, your body easily provides that source of energy now.

Step 2 - Cleanse

Our energy holds the imprint of our thoughts and emotions, as well as those of others around us – particularly if they are directed at us. If someone thinks badly of us, they will leave an imprint into our energy. If someone sends us loving thoughts, they will leave an imprint as well. People can connect to our energy just like they would connect to us physically, by touch.

There are days when we feel overloaded, as if we carry the world on our shoulders. Chances are we have taken an energy load. Other days we feel lighter, as if we have shed some weight.  Cleansing is the process of doing that consciously, about identifying what is in our energy fields, what impacts us, and choosing what we keep and what we let go of. 

Step 3 - Protect

When we leave home we lock the door. We don’t leave our expensive jewellery lying around. We don’t let our small kids alone in a playground. We delete spam emails and when we ride a motorbike we put a helmet on. 

We do this out of a sense of self-protection. We instinctively feel responsible for protecting our bodies, our health, our families, our reputation, and our possessions. 

It’s the same with our energy. Just like our body or our possessions, it is vulnerable and can be harmed by others. And, just like everything else that we look after, it can be protected.

Step 4 - Know

Sometimes we just know. We look someone in the eyes and we know if he’s telling the truth or not. We answer the phone and we know whether it’s good or bad news. We listen to a presentation and we have a nagging feeling that something is not quite right, and yet we can’t put our fnger on what it is. We meet someone and we know if we can fall in love with that person or not.

This knowledge is how your energy talks to you. It is the sum of all the energetic clues you pick up about a person, a situation or a place. You may know that you know or you may not yet detect that voice. You may trust it or not. Or you may mistake it for other voices that rise up in you. But whether you have made peace with this knowledge or not, it is still there, living deep inside you.

Step 5 - Decide

Between stillness and action there is a point of maximum power. It’s the point where we turn from the inside to the outside, from what we know to what we do. It’s the fraction of a second when the first move is initiated and change is born. As with everything in the world of energy, this moment takes place in our energy first.

It’s the moment of the decision. 

We dance here at the border between two worlds: the manifested one which we know from our day to day life and another one which only resides in our imaginations but which carries the potential of manifesting everything we dream of.

Step 6 - Direct

Life does not just happen to us. We make it happen. We are not some actor on a stage, playing a role someone else has scripted for us. We create our day-to-day reality and we do so every day, every hour and every minute. We do this through our actions, decisions, intentions, beliefs and most importantly we do this through the vibration of our energy.

Directing our energy to create the life that we want has to do first with raising that energy to a level where it can actually create something. We achieve this by grounding, cleansing and protecting our energy. Then, it has to do with the creative power of our intentions and decisions. And lastly, it has to do with receiving what comes back to us and constantly channelling our energy in the direction we want to fly.

Step 7 - Reflect

Living consciously is a lifetime commitment. It does not happen overnight. It takes time to build. It also takes commitment to maintain, to assess and to continuously improve.

The dictionary defines ‘reflect’ as taking time to think deeply or carefully about something. About what worked and what did not. What increased my energy and what decreased it. When I did well and how I can do better.

Taking time to reflect is a state, not an action specifically determined in time. Reflect when you become aware you need to, when something out there triggers questions; reflect continuously and consciously. Understand what is happening, see the effects of your actions, decisions, intentions.