About me

I have spent more than twenty years in and out of corporate environments as an employee, and later on as a business consultant. I have advised small start-ups as well as giants like Apple, Sony and eBay. I have worked across many industries and geographical locations. I know the pressure those who work in a corporate environment face, the toll it takes on their energy. I have seen what it does to people and I have felt it myself. Over the years it has become clearer and clearer to me that there is a real need for people to get in touch with their own power; to heal themselves, to lead happy and fulfilled lives, while still working in these environments.

This book is a mix of my experiences in the corporate world and my experimentation with the power of intuition and energy. I have personally tried and tested all these steps. Not only have they worked for me, they have also changed my life. I have moved from being a stressed-out consultant permanently on the edge of burnout to a happy and fulfilled individual who mixes work with passion for life in a sustainable way.

At frst I started experimenting with a few mindfulness and meditation techniques that allowed me to get in touch with my body and keep my mind still. I slowly added more practices, inspired by yoga, meditation, various lectures I had attended and the courses I have taken to develop my intuition. By trial and error I found out what worked for me and what did not.

I got results. My life improved. I felt more sure of myself, less volatile and less prone to stress. Slowly I solidified these techniques and concepts into seven steps that I started practising daily. The quality of projects I attracted and the calibre of the people that I worked with got better and better. Gradually, I started talking about these steps to other stressed-out corporate people. They told me they got results too. Over the last years, my tentative attempts have become full routines. I now perform these steps automatically. I know they work for me and for others. I know they can work for you too.


Roxana Valea is a management consultant, Reiki and energy medicine practitioner, entrepreneur and author. She is based in London and Mallorca but travels the world frequently and works remotely from other locations. Over the past 20 years she has built her business career as a corporate employee, entrepreneur and freelance consultant. Her management consultancy company, Value Associates, specialises in business transformation. She has an MBA degree from SDA Bocconi, one of the top business schools in Europe and has delivered consulting projects for well-known companies (Apple, Sony, eBay amongst others) as well as top consulting companies (Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and Proudfoot Consulting). In her work as a management consultant she believes in a blend of traditional consulting methodologies with the intuitive aspects of energy manifestation. As an author she has written travel journals, novels and business books.